Mysterion Art Factory presents a night of Blues, Grooves and Poetry Hues to the sounds of CK Smith & Joe Eakins, spoken words by the breathing life of Larry O'Donnell and Gavin Mysterion, lyrebird songstress Mei-Li Tan, vinyl in-between by Odette Mysterion and most of all music by the audience - who is you.

On Friday 15th December come down to the Hidden Gem underneath Deli Lama SW16 6EN - from 7pm a private gathering shall occur and the light will be low - so come in from the cold - for the songs will sound as trains from the bricks in the pause. Entry is free as is life to the sea.

For all gig details head over to our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/mysterionartfactory/ 

and we'll be seeing you there. Peace and love.

The London Underground

During the summer of 2016 Gavin Ghosts and Mick met, wrote and recorded a hilltop of songs around the Streets, Commons and Mystic Forests of South London. Listen....

London Eye Gallery

Odette Mysterion has had an eye on London Town for a few months now. Trees pose like twiggy and Paul Orwell glows like a golden London sundown - here's a few snaps that Odette caught along the way. See on...


Mexico Kings of Garage Beat Viv & the Sect made their first UK on-stage appearance at Hipsville Margate 2017. Odette Mysterion was there to film their new music video for their modern classic new tune "No Tengo Miedo". Watch, listen and love the sound of now!

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