Mysterion Music Moments of 2015

Sam Hunt & David Kilgour with the Heavy 8s - "The 9th"

Aotearoa New Zealand seems to specialize in the concept of long overdue.


It would only be fitting then for a couple of kiwis to write a ‘blog’ in August (posted in December) about an album released in January, recorded 8 months previously and planned in the early 1990’s. As Isaac Newton, Pablo Neruda, or a healthy tallyho roll will tell you – time is immaterial – and when it comes to Sam Hunt and his brilliant collection of road songs – there is no past, present or future. Only the word exists.


The 9th is an epic album and profuse thanks to David Kilgour for the vision, ears and band to achieve a sound and music that (according to said theory) probably won’t be exalted until we are all swallowed by sundown. Singling out songs for special treatment on an album of this greatness is dependent on the day of listening. Today is Tuesday - a great day for "The Gunners Lament" or "the Second Coming" - but if you ask me on Friday I will tell you "Wave Song" or "The Seventh" - ask again on Sunday and you will get "War History" or "Sara".


No award will suffice - nor will any word or blog that’s taken too long to write. Productivity is one thing… life is another… “days go so fast, so slow”…


As always – Sam Hunt says it best.





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