Mysterion Music Moments of 2015

Paul orwell - blowing your mind away

Paul Orwell has finally gone and done it – pressed an album that ensures there’s no need for a pointless review stating 5 out of 5 or 10 out of 10. No more need for blithering and no more need for predictions of grandeur backed with statements of starry eyes and devil-eared scepters. Is he the real deal? In a chewing gum pop world of pet monkeys and yesterdays news before sundown the only thing left to say is buy yourself a record player (or just borrow a friends lounge room for 45 minutes), give Heavy Soul the required squids (plus the insane postage amount if you live 12, 000 miles away) and listen to why Paul Orwell has made one of the best debut LP’s since Noel Gallagher last wore a rain coat on stage. Whatever the price - whatever the weight - it will be worth it.


Of course pop music isn’t important (you’ve heard it all before) and of course Paul Orwell will only become headline news once he’s joined the army, starred in a b-grade movie and had his soul removed at the altar of Moloch’s knee caps.  All one needs to do is hear songs like Payback, Like I Did Before, Here and Now, Little Reason and Fangz to know that one can say something without spelling it out. Paul Orwell says it all in a buzz and a blur – with killer pop tunes (14 to be Los Beatles precise) - all soundin' like singles.


The only thing that makes us lose faith in this LP is the fact that this album has been getting scratched and over-played in an outback house somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere – instead of sitting at the top of the UK charts. Whatever that feat being achieved would mean is another story… over to you Paul…


Favorite songs at the moment: Payback, Badblood (take your pick)

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