Mysterion Music Moments of 2015

Los Selvaticos - Live at El Mundano

It was 2 years ago that we found Los Selvaticos on the internet while searching for new music at the edge of the Earth. The excitement we had in finding a band that played Link Wray’s “Run Chicken Run” was dampened by knowing that, due to the current global warming of the musical climate, the only probable way we were ever going to hear the band was by swimming to Mexico and seeing them live.  A couple of Saturday nights ago our dream was realized in a suburban venue in Mexico DF – and holy running chickens were they worth the wait!


Of course – instead of playing to a stadium of 10,000 people they played at El Mundano to a (still screaming) crowd of about 20 people. It made no difference to us – last Saturday night the coolest garage band on the planet were playing upstairs above Salto del Agua Metro. And they don’t even have a record out yet. Yet.


Los Selvaticos are a three-piece band who define the 60s musical vibe of garage. Like many of the Liverpool bands who graced the stages of Hamburg in the early 60s – even their cover versions sound completely original. When I asked drummer and pocket dynamo Jess why they didn’t have any recordings yet, her reply with a smirk was “we are lazy” – this from a woman with the nuclear energy of a dozen Keith Moon’s – who – after hitting charismatic guitarist and singer (and brilliant artist in his own right) Alan in the chin with one of her flying drum sticks – continued to play snare with the palm of her hand. Lazy? Don’t believe it for a second.


Bass player Daniel completes the band with a precision and ritmo that shadows the other half of The Who’s legendary rhythm section, Mr. John Entwistle. He effortlessly makes sure the song doesn’t burn up on stage in a garage blaze. It’s a job that one person in a band this good has to do – and Daniel does it with the calm of an ocean.


So with dreams now reality and the memory of Los Selvaticos firmly implanted in the soul – the next step is praying for the day when we can buy their record. Something tells me it isn’t the band who are lazy – but a music industry slow in realizing what once made music great.  


In the meantime – love, listen and dig – Los Selvaticos…


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