Mysterion Music Moments of 2015

Los Cogelones:                          Olvida todo y Vuelve a empezar

Little was said between us before we saw them and little was said after we walked out of El Mundano. We were still in a daze from Los Selvaticos when on stage the flag was set up for Los Cogelones - “They are a good band” said Alan, the Selvaticos guitarist who defined them in an understated word instead of a drawn out paragraph.


Their music is something not often seen these days - truthful, primal and yet beautifully original (alot like Mexico). While Hendrix needed to set his guitar on fire to make sacrifice - Los Cogelones simply open their souls with song. "Adonde quieres llegar?" is the best recorded example (so far) of how their music catches and hypnotizes your head. Go and see them live and you will be met with another hour of music that will invade your dreams.


Nothing can prepare you for the moment when you see a band that matters like Los Cogelones. The light shines – and everything you thought you knew comes into question. Are they garage? Are they punk? Are they retro? Does it matter? Their online bio reads the words “Olvida todo y Vuelve a Empezar” – “Forget everything and start again” – which is exactly what one has to do to understand where this music belongs – in the now.


So move on – step back – and get in time with Los Cogelones. 


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