Mysterion Music Moments of 2015

Lindsay Murray: The Unknown LP

The year is 2016 and a new age shall arise where best musical moments can be made up of music that the artist hasn’t even released yet. Spooky I know – but not half as spooky as knowing that a songwriter like Lindsay Murray walks the streets of England and is not hailed by passers by as a genius. The only thing that I can put it down to is his changing hairstyles making him hard to be recognized. 


23rd Century Man was Murray’s contribution to a split 45rpm with Paul Orwell released in July. The songs raw psychedelic Stooges-meets-Revolver intensity shows only one of an endless Hydra of musical faces that his LP in progress presents. Factoid to back it up is that the song I woke up with in my head on New Years Morning was a beautiful space ballad to the stars mooted as a possible future single - a song that if it met "23rd Century Man" in a bar would probably run outside crying.


The Hypnotic Eye leader has written some epic English pop songs in his new collection of tunes – but naming them would be pointless – it is not my right to. It is my right however to have Lindsay Murray’s LP in my top 2016 picks next year as well – you know – once it comes out that is. Watch his space.



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