A Friday Mexico Music Festival

Just one of our many Friday nights in Mexico was spent waiting for the call to move on – to meet Quasi Moto from Los Selvaticos – a gentleman and a genius both - at Dirty Sound Foro for the "Rock y Lujuria" Concert.  Of course we couldn’t leave for the gig before the arrival at our apartment of La Radio Muerta – freshly arrived back to DF from lands unknown.  He had messaged us at 12:52am that he was on his way by bus – but by 5:18pm we started to wonder where he was. Time the illusion – time the distraction – for no matter when anyone that Friday night arrived on stage it mattered not. With Viv & the Sect, Los Selvaticos, La Radio Muerta, Moyo Workin’, Bang Bang Bang y Los Espectros, & Los Cogelones (with another gig the next day while their previous audience was left to think and be lazy angels) – the who’s, where’s and especially when’s drifted into insignificance. The night had a lineup that no festival on the planet could provide – least of all one city – and probably another 4 bands that could take the same stage standing in the crowd – or as in the case of the last jam session night at Dirty Sound Foro – standing behind the bar.  The golden light shines on the musical soul of Mexico – for it is a land and people that deserves the light. Amor de la paz y el respeto a todos.


That particular Friday night at Dirty Sound Foro we were treated to many different shades of great music - from the acoustic melodic poems of La Radio Muerta, the mod beat R&B of Viv & the Sect, the caveman garage pop of Bang Bang Bang, the truthful experimental guitar blues of Los Selvaticos, Moyo Workin and Los Cogelones, to the soul-dance treasure trove of Denepa Panky & Junk Wild's DJing in the next room. Genres genres genres - all that matters is that it was CLASSIC music. Every musician was there because they had to be and because they cared - to play the music that they love. The fact that each of those musicians probably missed another band or DJ that they are fans of, playing in another venue somewhere else in the city, shows just how rich the music flows. Some countries in the World are proud of "originating" one form of music (or even one pop star), yet our time in Mexico was spent constantly discovering the endless forms, shapes and journeys of Mexican music history. The task of trying to capture it all, write about it all or even listen to it all would be as impossible as catching the stars of the universe in a matchbox. To quote some character from some hit Hollywood film, “some birds just aren’t meant to be caged” – and the Mexican Music we have seen and heard flies high above the clouds - beyond labels or genres and especially beyond flags. Thank you to all of the musicians and souls who we had the pleasure and honor of meeting (Jess, Quasi, Rho, Aleph, Daniel, Javi, David, Los Cogelones - you are all in our hearts) and also thank you (and sorry) to the beautiful souls who we were too high on music to speak to. Time the illusion - time the distraction - if only we had the time to live it all again.


So now we recover our minds and souls from the floor and try to make sense of the music that poured from every room at Dirty Sound Foro that Friday night – as it will this Friday again wave on - be it a DJ set of love grooves by Elisse Locomotion or Carlos René, an outdoor concert for the people by Los Cogelones or a mystery midnight acoustic set on an empty coastline somewhere in Oaxaca by La Radio Muerta.  All we can say is that we wish we were everywhere to hear it all.


An “official” Festival with some “official” bands we can’t remember “officially” happened that weekend as well. What little is known – even to well-meaning visitors from the other side of the World who are welcomed in with soul and heart – is that a Music Festival happens every week in Mexico – one where the music speaks from the people.


It is like an ocean – constantly breathing whether we are there or not. And Amen to that.




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