Hey there brothers and sisters from all corners of the Earth, and welcome to the Mysterion Universe of sights and sounds to delight your eyes and ears. Press any button upon this website and Mysterion Art Factory hopes to send you on a trip to see your new favourite photos of your new favourite artists singing your new favourite songs. What we cannot tell you is where the journey will end. The only way to find out is to begin.

Mysterion Art Factory is a site created by Gavin Ghosts and Odette Mysterion as a traveling art show of the people we meet and the music we hear.  Gav is obsessed with songs swimming in echo and reverb, and Odette loves filming the sunshine, and we both dig the odd chin wag with inspirational people in the world of music and art. So we've gathered all this together and spun it like a spinning top. Some of what you see before you is made by us - and some of it is made by friends we've met along the way.


So what exactly is Mysterion Art Factory all about? There are too many answers to cover in one sitting – maybe even on one website. Just stay tuned to the constant links, rants and raves and know that we are on the same trip as you.


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