Muxico is a page dedicated to the Music and Art of Mexico in 2016. Inspired by the sounds and people that we met on our cross-nation exploration of all things creative, we decided to share our love with a new section on the Mysterion Art Factory website. In no way is it a substitute for the real thing - but merely an introduction to the melodies, people and flavor behind the surge of great music being created here. If you know this music already - you are blessed. If not - you are about to be.


Los Selvaticos

It was 2 years ago that we found Los Selvaticos on the internet while searching for new music at the edge of the Earth. The excitement we had in finding a band that played Link Wray’s “Run Chicken Run” was dampened by knowing that, due to the current global warming of the musical climate, the only probable way we were ever going to hear the band was by swimming to Mexico and seeing them live.  READ MORE

Los Cogelones

Their music is something not often seen these days - truthful, primal and yet beautifully original (alot like Mexico). While Hendrix needed to set his guitar on fire to make sacrifice - Los Cogelones simply open their souls with song.  READ MORE

La Radio Muerta

La Radio Muerta is the mountain of music and words by David Argel Schiano. His music is born from a lifetime of listening to the music of the Earth – from the sound and lyrics of the Huasteca region of his homeland Mexico to his travels in Burkina Faso, Cuba and India – through the music of the harvest, the songs of the river - to the love, joy and sad landscape of the human heart.  READ MORE


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Los Selvaticos @ El Mundano

Los Cogelones @ Dirty Sound Foro

Viv & the Sect @ Dirty Sound Foro

Los Cogelones @ El Mundano

Moyo Workin' @ Dirty Sound Foro

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