Gavin mysterion

Gavin Ghosts wearing a Paul McCartney badge... and a Beatles hat.

Hi - Gav here - it's a pleasure to meet you. Thought I'd take the time out to say that the planet Earth is a strange little place in a strange little space - full of amazing beautiful sunflowers like Odette, The Beatles, Walt Whitman, The 5th Dimension (both the pop group & the Byrds LP), James K Baxter, Satchmo, Andy Warhol, Clouds & Rain in Aotearoa, Charlie Chaplin, Motown, The music of Phil Spector, Sun Records, Sunsets, free music videos, Kerouac, Flying Nun, Celentano songs, Shindigs, GoGo dancers, Ginsberg, sea salt, Sam Hunt, Holman Hunt, Wrecking Crews, Wingspans, 45's, Monkees, Ready Steady Gos, Orwells, conspiracies, facts, sadness, happiness and opinions.  My favorite LP of all time is Ram by Paul & Linda McCartney and one of only 3 days I've ever worn sunglasses was the day this photo was taken. I have, however, worn a Beatles hat most of my life as I have no time for taming the chaos in (or on) my head. This is the least of my issues - hence the music I make. Peace and Love to all still reading - and to those who stopped at Hi.

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