La Radio Muerta

La Radio Muerta records upon his guitar and harp.

La Radio Muerta is the mountain of music and words by David Argel Schiano. His music is born from a lifetime of listening to the music of the Earth – from the sound and lyrics of the Huasteca region of his homeland Mexico to his travels in Burkina Faso, Cuba and India – through the music of the harvest, the songs of the river - to the love, joy and sad landscape of the human heart. The music of La Radio Muerta is born from his belief in music as a lived reality – to be breathed in like air through vibration and harmony.


Mysterion Art Factory is eternally thankful that our paths crossed on his journey through our end of the globe. We were lucky enough to spend three weeks recording at our old Parkhall studio before we all went down separate roads - using the empty chimneys as echo chambers and the possums in the ceiling as an audience.


La Radio Muerta with his voice that sings from the people.

You don’t need to understand the language he is singing to feel the music and understand his passion. His passion is life, love and liberty for people. His passion is the infinite story of a song. 


Read La Radio Muerta's interview in Spanish HERE

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