The Skeleton Groomsman

The Skeleton Groomsman howls in the night.

Born on Halloween, as the full moon rose from its sleep, the Skeleton Groomsman has arrived with tales of mystery and imagination to unveil to an already crazy world. With a lantern in hand he hunts through the darkness in hope that a changing is about to take place.


The Skeleton Groomsman sees the screams within the sounds and turns them into a shivering melody that makes howlin’ wolves smile. His voice resurrects the ghost of Frank Sinatra while drinking coffee with Tom Waits. Listen even closer and you’ll hear the haunted harmonies of Gavin Ghosts hanging in the shadows. Together these two brothers add a piece of their own soul into a musical mix that swims through Blues, Jazz, Pop and back again. 


Mysterion Art Factory is proud to release The Skeleton Groomsman’s debut single “Spinning Round & Around”, the first in a non-stop stream of hits waiting to be unleashed. All you need to do is press play. Just make sure you turn off the lights.


Ladies and Gentlemen….. welcome the Skeleton Groomsman……

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